Suam na Tahong


A few days ago I had a hearty lunch because my father brought me Suam na Tahong (mussels), this is one of my favorite mussel dish. By definition- Suam n. broth of rice with sauteed fish or meat, garlic and ginger. We also put chili leaves (although other households use spinach for a fancier take). It is a simple, healthy and tasty dish.

A strayed Ruellia

IMG_3786I found this growing beside my zz plant, I replanted it and now it’s flowering profusely. According to google it’s Ruellia simplex – (Britton’s wild petunia, Mexican petunia, Mexican bluebell) is a species of flowering plant in the acanthus family, Acanthaceae. It is a native of Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. It has become a widespread invasive plant in Florida, where it was likely introduced as an ornamental before 1933. I had one before that I found in a pavement crack, I also replanted it but it did not grew like this one. There’s a pink and purple color blooms for this plant, I’m still waiting for mother nature to send me either one next time.

Miniature Arriety

I did this project last year it’s my attempt to make a miniature set using air dry clay. It was a little difficult to mold it to the shape that I wanted plus I cannot properly even the surface since my finger  nails kept on puncturing some of the parts but I managed to create my Arriety. I only used white clay so everything is hand painted- all in all I enjoyed working on it and hopefully I could improve my skills in clay crafting so I could make more accessories with clay. #makesomethingwithyourhands




It’s not really ice cream the lady told me it’s milk turned into “snowflakes” yes, that’s the term she used, the snowflaked milk has a very mild flovor, it’s not thick and heavy like the usual ice cream, it’s light with a little sweetness the flavor was just right to my taste really yum! #koreanbingsu